Brussels Sprouts And Kale Hybrid To Debut

Brussels Sprouts And Kale Hybrid To Debut

Kalettes 4 for webNew purple and green Kalettes, a cross between brussels sprouts and kale, will hit U.S. grocery stores this fall. The delicious and exciting green and purple offspring of brussels sprouts and kale, Kalettes’ flavor has been described as a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty, combining the best traits of each of its parent vegetables.


The family-owned Tozer Seeds, based in England, developed the kale-brussels sprouts hybrid after more than a decade of research. Tozer’s product development staff worked with a variety of different colored sprouts and kale before finally finding the winning combination.

Kalettes are not genetically modified and were developed by cross-pollinating brussels sprouts with kale through traditional methods. So far, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have been introduced to the new food, with promising results. Tozer is working with several cooperators to grow and market Kalettes.

“The idea behind gathering cooperators to market under the Kalettes brand was to give consumers a consistent name and brand identity to look for in the produce department,” stated Kraig Kuykendall, sales manager of Tozer Seeds, U.S.

Plans for the U.S. launch include consumer media engagement and a strong presence on social media channels. The website,, includes recipes, which will be expanded later this summer.

Source: Golden Sun Marketing news release