Disease Control For Peppers

Pepper growers now have a new tool for powdery mildew control and resistance management. Dow AgroSciences announces Quintec fungicide has received a new supplemental label for use in peppers in all states except California and New York. This label includes bell pepper, chili pepper, cooking pepper, non-bell pepper, pimento, sweet pepper.


Containing the active ingredient quinoxyfen, Quintec is the only member of the quinoline class of fungicides, which is distinct from other classes of fungicides used to control powdery mildew in vegetable crops. Quintec is highly effective against powdery mildew because of its ability to redistribute around the vegetable and foliage to form a protective barrier, which allows it to reach even hard-to-cover areas.

Quintec works best as a preventive application and should be applied before visible symptoms of powdery mildew appear on peppers. However, Quintec offers an extended optimum spray interval of 10 to 14 days for additional crop protection.

The supplemental label also allows for a reduced rotation interval with Brassica leafy vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, leafy greens, root and tuber vegetables, and sunflowers. The interval is now 30 days — down from 12 months — for added rotational flexibility.