Don’t Fret About the Future of Precision Agriculture

Precision Ag Vision Conference logo 2019If you, like me, have been fortunate to witness what Land O’ Lakes CIO Mike Macrie has called the two great revolutions in agriculture since mechanization – biotechnology and now ag tech – you well know that confusion often precedes a true breakthrough.

Confused by what’s next for precision agriculture and digital farming?

Join the club.

Don’t Fret About the Future of Precision Agriculture

Dan Vradenburg of Wilbur-Ellis and Cavallo Ventures will provide a keynote address, “The Coming Second Wave of Ag Tech,” at the 2019 PrecisionAg VISION Conference.

Yet, as the conference chair for the 2019 PrecisionAg VISION Conference, to be held Jan. 15-16, 2019, in Seattle, WA, I’m fortunate to have a ringside seat to the latest and greatest developments, and I’m getting a clearer picture of where technology will take agriculture into the early 2020s.

You can too – just by registering for the VISION Conference. Your time and your financial investment will be well rewarded.

This is our third year for the VISION Conference and it will be without a doubt the best one yet, backed by the full cross-market expertise of Meister Media Worldwide and our Global Precision Initiative and bolstered – new this year – by a pre-conference summit hosted by Microsoft. Your registration covers it all.

Here are some of the sessions that are locked in and which I’m particularly excited about:

A keynote address by Dan Vradenburg, who is soon to transition from his longtime role as President of Wilbur-Ellis’s Agribusiness Division to lead the company’s capital venture arm Cavallo Ventures. Dan has a really interesting take on the next wave of ag tech, articulated well in an interview he conducted last spring with We’re looking forward to hearing more on this topic as voiced to Dan by startup companies looking to bring change to agriculture.

Microsoft’s “IoT for Earth” summit on the half-day preceding the main body of the conference. This will provide rare access and insight to this tech giant, building on a presentation at our previous VISION Conference by Microsoft engineer Ranveer Chandra.

“Mind-Bending Precision Developments from Around the World” by globe-trotting precision consultant Marc Vanacht. Marc speaks five languages and has contacts in Asia, Latin America, and many points between and will provide an update on precision in its many cultural and geographical iterations.

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