Farm Bureau Offers Detailed Analysis Of Waters Of The U.S. Rule

Farm Bureau Offers Detailed Analysis Of Waters Of The U.S. Rule

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) released documents outlining how EPA’s Waters of the U.S. rule will give the agency sweeping powers to regulate land use despite a body of law clearly prohibiting such overreach.


The AFBF analysis, now available online, makes available to the public details of what EPA has refused to address in public meetings over the past year. The documents are available as PDF attachments.

“Our analysis shows yet again how unwise, extreme and unlawful this rule is,” AFBF President Bob Stallman said. “Our public affairs specialists and legal team have assembled the best analysis available, and their conclusions are sobering: Despite months of comments and innumerable complaints, the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) proposal is even worse than before.”

The WOTUS rule, first released in draft form in April, 2014, has garnered fierce opposition from farmers, ranchers, and land owners of all kinds. Dozens of states and countless municipalities oppose the measure since it would federalize regulation already handled at the local level. Just as important is the rule’s radical view of “water” which, in its view, should encompass the vast majority of land in the United States since it surrounds actual water that may or may not be protected under the Clean Water Act.

Alarmed by the agency’s actions, the House of Representatives recently voted to prohibit EPA from enacting the rule. A similar bill is moving through the Senate and could come to a floor vote within weeks.

Click here to read the condensed version of AFBF’s analysis.

Source: AFBF news release

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Alan Whitaker says:

What does an insurance company have to do with the waters of the USA? Why does an insurance company have so much say in American agriculture?

drylander says:

Though Farm Bureau does sometimes offer insurance as a member benefit, its roots are firmly placed as a general farm organization trying to keep people fed and clothed in a power hungry federal take over.

Alan Whitaker says:

You should be more concerned with the corporate takeover of ag. Think those chickens at the local grocer are from a small farmer? How about that pork you love? Think the local pig farmer raised them? Nope, on both accounts. Large corporations control both markets through vertical integration. The farmer is left out. And the Farm Bureau pushed for more CAFO’s and vertical integration.

Caitlin says:

Insurance is simply a service that American Farm Bureau Federation (through the state Federations) provides it’s membership. The purpose of Farm Bureau is to serve and represent it’s agricultural members. You can learn more about AFBF here

Griffin Crosby says:

Alan, you, for sure, reinforced my beliefs as to how stupid liberals are. May God have mercy on such ignorant soles.

Alan Whitaker says:

Except that I’m not a “liberal”. I’m a Constitutionalist and a realist. I’m against abortion, extra rights for any group and I’m against the corporate takeover of agriculture, which is where the Farm Bureau excels. And what does God have to do with my boot soles?