From Our Family to Yours, Let Us Help You Thrive

The American farm is built on family. Chances are, your farm and your family have been entwined for generations. For 110 years, American Vegetable Grower® has been right here alongside to help you and your family’s operation prosper.


Naturally, your farm looks and operates a lot differently than it did when your parents and grandparents were in charge. You’re working in a dynamic industry that’s undergoing rapid technological and generational changes. You’ve grown and adapted over the years to take advantage of new opportunities and keep up with the ever-evolving demands of the marketplace.

We’re doing the same thing here at American Vegetable Grower. The fresh new look of the magazine is just one very visible example of how we’re changing to stay up-to-date and make the best use of all of the tools we have at our disposal to work with you.

We’ve spent the last several months talking to readers and taking stock of what’s happening with your businesses and where you need more information. We’ve also been studying how our brand is structured and delivering on those needs.

The result is a redesign of American Vegetable Grower, from the look, structure, flow, and focus of the magazine to a more effective use of our website, enewsletters, events, and other programs.

Some things won’t change. You’ll continue to hear from our familiar and experienced stable of expert columnists (as well as many knowledgeable new contributors) with the best tools, tips, and techniques for profitable vegetable production in crops and regions across the country.

But you’ll also be reading more about the latest developments in technology, from sensors to robotics to the Internet of Things that — no matter the size of your operation — can help you make the best decisions and produce the highest-quality crops.

You’ll find more in-depth and expanded coverage of new production-friendly and highly marketable varieties via our enewsletters and on

We’ll bring you more topical enewsletters totally focused on key areas of interest to you, whether it’s a specific crop (like leafy greens, melons, or potatoes), organic production techniques, or new developments in biostimulants or protected production.

You’ll also have more opportunities to learn from in-person events like VegetableGrowerConnectSM and EasternGrowerConnectSM, and the Biocontrols Conference & Expo series (including the brand new BiocontrolsSM USA East Conference in Orlando this October).

There’s lots new to be excited about, but our commitment to you remains the same.

We’re proud to be a part of your farming family and look forward to many more years of helping you grow, adapt, and succeed. We’ll be right here.