Growing Demand For Magnesium Nitrate Spurs TradeMark Nitrogen To Double Output

Tampa, FL-based TradeMark Nitrogen Corp. has expanded its magnesium nitrate production. Through the addition of various components to its magnesium nitrate plant, TradeMark Nitrogen was able to double the production of its magnesium nitrate solution and provide more of the product to various fertilizer distributors and retailers throughout the country.


Magnesium nitrate solution provides growers with a significant source of magnesium that is able to be absorbed into the plant both in an efficient and effective manner.

Magnesium, specifically, and its role in the production in chlorophyll, has led to an increased usage of magnesium nitrate solution to satisfy the nutritional needs of numerous crops throughout the U.S.

In addition to the expansion, TradeMark Nitrogen also has upgraded its formulation for their magnesium nitrate solution from 7-0-0-6% Mg, to 7.2-0-0-6.3% Mg. This change was made to better reflect the changing nutritional needs of various crops throughout the U.S. “More and more, growers are utilizing the 4 R’s to make sure their crops are receiving the right source, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place,” said Mike Barry, president of TradeMark Nitrogen.