New Fungicide For Lettuce Growers

New Fungicide For Lettuce Growers

This season, California and Arizona growers have a new fungicide available to them. Kenja 400SC fungicide from Summit Agro USA, incorporates the latest SDHI (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor) technology.


A group 7 fungicide, Kenja 400SC is proven to control lettuce (Sclerotinia) drop, with activity on both Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Sclerotinia minor. It is said to easily mesh with current disease management programs.

A fourth generation SDHI fungicide, Kenja provides good in-season disease protection and its unique chemistry is said to help minimize SDHI-resistance potential.

In addition to lettuce, Kenja is also registered for strawberries, almonds, canola, and grapes.

The fungicide is distributed in the U.S. by Summit Agro USA LLC, and sold exclusively through Tenkoz member companies and Helena Chemical Company.