Presidential Candidates Comment On Agricultural Issues

Presidential Candidates Comment On Agricultural Issues

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) asked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump the same questions on a range of issues that concern farmers and ranchers. Both candidates explained their positions on biotechnology, trade, immigration reform, regulatory reform, food safety and more.


The candidates’ responses have been posted on:

Additional responses will be posted online in the following order:

  • Sept. 27 – Immigration
  • Sept. 28 – International Trade and TPP
  • Sept. 29 – Energy
  • Sept. 30 – Full List of Issues

“The fact that the candidates took the time in the middle of this very competitive election season to go into such detail in their responses says a lot about the importance of these issues and the farmers and ranchers who care about them,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “Each of these issues touches our members at the farm and ranch level. Being able to provide information about the candidates’ platforms on issues that are important to agriculture is something we do every presidential election cycle.”

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Susan Randall says:

I find it very interesting that on each question answered Donald Trump said “I” and, on Hillary Clinton’s response, it was “She”. Doesn’t Ms. Clinton think farming is important enough to answer the questions herself?

Tish Llaneza says:

Do you really think that Trump sat down and wrote those answers personally?

lisey issler says:

Do you really think Clinton wrote those responses? Hers weren’t even in the first person.

Tommy Edwards says:

No, but I expect he has an experienced professional on his soon to be staff.

James Colgan says:

Hillary is pushing for 65% inheritance tax which shows she doesn’t care about the family farm being passed on. All she thinks about is herself and money
A 65% inheritance tax will wipe out alot of family farms
How many times do you have to pay taxes on the same land and equipment before she thinks it’s enough?

Phil Busey says:

According to an April 14, 2015, Washington Post article (link below), there is a $5.43 million exemption ($11 million for couples) before the top tax rate kicks in. Iowa State University professor Neil E. Harl is quoted,

“In 2013, the last year IRS data are available, only 660 decedents nationally reported owning any farm property,” Harl said. “However, the 100 decedents with estates valued at $20,000,000 or more had an average of $5,675,730 in farm property. I have been tracking this study for several years and the most striking feature is the increase in farm assets by the super wealthy. In my view, public policy is not served by eliminating the federal estate tax which is the force behind this push to argue that ordinary farmers, bona fide farmers, are likely to pay a huge amount of federal estate tax. It simply is not true.”

Phil Busey says:

Both candidates discussed clean energy in responding to the Clean Air Act but neither mentioned bioenergy. Hopefully they will mention that in the energy issue. I am also awaiting ideas from the candidates on sustaining America’s farm exports.

Southern Tier Farmer says:

What I noticed most was Trump is looking at getting the govt out of the way and eliminating regulations or at least reducing them. Hillary’s response is to keep the govt programs going and increasing some. She is also playing Santa Claus and giving monies out for programs that either cannot support themselves or should be handled in the private sector instead of the govt, i.e. broadband. For those that can’t farm without a handout from govt then Hillary is your man.