Sakata Seed Highlights Specialty Golden Beet

Beet_Touchstonegold for web

Sakata Seed America highlights a specialty golden beet, Touchstone Gold. According to the company, Touchstone offers a good flavor profile and interesting flesh color. Photo credit: Sakata Seed America

Sakata Seed America merged with Chriseed in 2014 and, as a result, now offers 16 beet varieties boasting qualities such as wide adaptability and high yields. The beets are suitable for processing, baby leaf, and fresh markets.

Most notably, Sakata wants to highlight a specialty golden beet, Touchstone Gold.


“Touchstone Gold is a very exciting variety for our beet program. It’s incredibly unique and offers a better flavor profile and brighter, more ‘eye-catching’ flesh color than competitive varieties,” explains Delita Pardue, Sakata’s product manager for beets. “This is the beet for people who don’t like beets – we want everyone to try it for themselves.”

In addition, Sakata is upping its marketing support for the beet program. The Sakata Beet Advantage Sheet and Sakata Beet Advantage Brochure condense pertinent information about the beet program. The Sakata vegetables website features a new article that focuses on the “Beet Movement.” The article highlights information about the history of the beet, current trends contributing to the vegetable’s popularity and ways to incorporate beets into your diet.

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Source: Sakata Seed America press release