Seven Reasons You Need To Attend The United Fresh Washington Conference

Seven Reasons You Need To Attend The United Fresh Washington Conference

During the Washington Conference, which is slated for Sept. 12-14 in Washington, DC, and presented by United Fresh, experts will discuss top policy issues and their economic impact on the produce industry:

  1. Labor Shortages Threaten Future Growth. Without a legal and stable workforce, your business will suffer. Immigration reform legislation is the obvious solution, but how do we get there?

2. The Food Police Are Coming – Liability Concerns and Department of Justice Enforcement.  What should you do if the Department of Justice comes knocking?

3. Does the Farm Bill Really Matter to Me? Spoiler alert: it does. The Farm Bill covers everything from food safety research to nutrition programs. Learn how it will impact your business.

4. Restoring Support for Fair Trade for Fresh Produce. Fair trade is good for business (including yours). Make sure it stays that way and learn how you can lend your support.

5. What’s Wrong With Healthy Kids? Competing interests are putting the health of America’s kids at risk, working to reduce the amount of fruits and vegetables served to children. Experts address the urgent need to increase access to fresh produce for America’s kids.

6. Environmental Stewardship Vs. Overwrought Federal Regulations Pesticide rules, water quality regulations, and other environmental issues are constantly debated by federal regulators. Find out how to push back to protect and advance the use of sound science in regulation, and what you need to do to advocate for your business.

7. March on Capitol Hill. Don’t forget to participate in the annual March on Capitol Hill and speak with members of Congress, especially this year which is being noted as the most unprecedented presidential battle in decades. Take the time and have your voice heard.