Strong Speakers Stepping up for Organic Grower Summit

A trio of leaders from various aspects of the organic product sector have been confirmed as keynote presenters for the third annual Organic Grower Summit slated for Dec. 4-5 in Monterey, CA. Each recognized for creating unique opportunities for those involved in the production of organic crops and products, the three will deliver TedTalks-style presentations to attendees.


The keynote presenters include:

Taylor is active in a variety of social enterprises and philanthropic ventures on the West Coast focused on deep systems change. As a founding Director of TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, she is dedicated to inspiring a sustainable food system through ranching, training, tours, research, and school food and garden programs.

Ansel, a former Microsoft IT management leader, sees hemp as a prolific plant and is committed to making hemp the keystone material playing a critical role in transforming the unsustainable. Sustainability faces many challenges and Ansel believes hemp can usher in superior composites.

Perry’s Indigo Ag received worldwide acclaim earlier this year when the four-year-old start-up was named the No. 1 company on the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 list. Using satellite imaging and geospatial intelligence, Indigo Ag has created a living map of the world’s food supply and by ditching chemicals, the company makes seed treatments from plant-friendly microbes to boost crop yields.

In addition to the keynote presentations, the Organic Grower Summit also will feature a series of educational sessions, including:

  • What’s Next in Organic Plant Health?
  • The Growing Hemp Marketplace
  • Organic Cannabis on the Horizon
  • Reducing Risk through Soil Health Practices
  • Organic Farming in the Age of FSMA
  • Organic Sales Data Dive

Attendees of the Organic Grower Summit also can visit with exhibitors showcasing the latest in soil amendment, food safety, ag technology, equipment manufacturers, and more.

The third annual Organic Grower Summit is made possible by partners California Certified Organic Farmers and Organic Produce Network.

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