Summer News Stories that Have Growers Talking

Summer News Stories that Have Growers Talking

Farming has been in the media spotlight this year. I asked each of this month’s columnists and contributors for their suggestions of major articles or series you should know about.


  1. NPR’s reporting on farming and nitrogen pollution.
    Reporter Dan Charles gives farming a mixed review on how it handles fertilizer. He acknowledges the realities of growing and how fertilizer is essential, but he also lays responsibility for polluting water ways at growers’ doors.

  2. L.A. Times
    series on farm labor.
    In June, the Los Angeles Times did an excellent series of articles on how difficult the labor situation is for the industry. It highlighted not only the scarcity of labor, but also the consequences for harvests.

  3. Amazon taking over Whole Foods.
    Just about everyone, from breeders to growers to consultants, are speculating how Amazon will change the supply chain (and, importantly, produce prices) in the coming year.
  4. Hurricanes and agriculture. The one-two punch of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have growers reeling. The only bright spot for most affected specialty ag growers is that the Texas and Florida growing seasons begin later in the year.