Abbott & Cobb Sweet On New Sweet Corn Technology

Abbott & Cobb Sweet On New Sweet Corn Technology

Abbott & Cobb Inc. has released its recently patented, new sweet corn gene type, SuperSeedWare (SSW).


This new gene features highly desirable traits that are 100% naturally bred into each variety, helping improve the performance of the sweet corn seeds, while retaining all of the sweetness, tenderness, and holding abilities of original supersweets. Due to SSW’s adaptability, this new gene type will be used to replace other popular gene types such as sugary, se, and sh2r including heterozygous and homozygous versions.

According to Abbott & Cobb, SSW seeds are larger, denser, and more durable, allowing for more precise planting; as well as enhanced flowability through planters, leading to stronger, more uniform stand establishments.

SSW’s characteristics allow varieties to tolerate adversity well, and maintain significant uniform growth during more stressful conditions such as, early plantings in colder or wetter soil.

Germination and vigor hold well in controlled storage, and seed production is more reliable — ensuring consistent delivery of seed each season. In addition, the growth potential, without the use of seed treatments, suggests new uses for organic growers.

In regard to appearance and eating quality, SSW is said to provide a sweet and flavorful taste. The kernels are brighter and more attractive too,holding its appearance well beyond harvest.