Tool For Tomato Growers

New university studies demonstrate that IPM programs with Regalia fungicide from Marrone Bio Innovations provide control of bacterial spot and late blight in tomatoes.


In Florida field trials, 1 quart of Regalia combined with low rates of copper controlled bacterial spot. According to a press relase from Marrone, adding Regalia to copper and mancozeb is proven to provide superior control of bacterial spot.

“Bacterial spot can be severe in the South Florida fall tomato crop, and growers treat often to control this disease,” states David Warman, director of sales. “Regalia is a very flexible product, is rain-fast in one hour, has a short re-entry interval of only four hours, and may be used up to the day of harvest.”

Regalia is also proven to control late blight, so growers get a broad spectrum of disease control. A new university trial in 2010 shows that 1 quart of Regalia combined with low rates of copper and mancozeb provided good control of late blight.

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Source: Marrone BioScience press release