Variety File: Rispens Seeds

Variety File: Rispens Seeds


Four varieties from Rispens Seeds are not only vibrant in color, they also offer disease resistance and good eating quality.

XPP 1649 is a widely adapted jalapeño pepper with resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3 and potato virus Y races 0-2. Also offering disease resistance is Magic Wand, a medium-sized pumpkin hybrid. With intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, this pumpkin weighs between 15 and 25 pounds.

Offering good eating quality is Triumph sweet corn. Triumph is a 77-day bicolor supersweet that not only boasts good eating quality, it also has good emergence vigor, a strong plant, and exceptional uniformity.

Another variety with good eating quality is Primo Red tomato. This new hybrid provides the combination of earliness, excellent eating quality, and extra large size. The fruit are smooth and have good color with an extended set.

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