Vegetable Industry’s 34 Power Growers In 2014

Vegetable Industry’s 34 Power Growers In 2014

American Vegetable Grower (AVG) magazine knows acreage is just one way to measure success. That’s why AVG editors have polled industry experts and asked about different types of leaders: operations they think are moving vegetable production and marketing forward, regardless of the size of their farm.

Based on their recommendations, we compiled the 2014 Power Growers list, in the hopes that some of the things you read here will inspire ideas you can adapt with your farm.

Browse year’s 34 power growers, starting with the West.



Online Exclusive: Ocean Mist Farms

Troy Boutonnet, VP of production for Ocean Mist Farms

Christensen & Giannini, Salinas
The farm has nearly 7,000 acres of vegetables and ensures its success by paying attention to details.

D’Arrigo Brothers, Salinas
Producing more than 36,000 acres of cool-season vegetables, this farm has a diversified line of products, is innovative, and conducts its own research.

Full Belly Farm, Guinda
Marketing and innovation is what separates this grower from others. The operation offers community supported agriculture market baskets and has an annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival that attracts more than 1,000 visitors.

Ocean Mist Farms, Castroville
Producing nearly 25,000 acres of cool-season vegetables, this operation is innovative and willing to try new production tactics.

Tanimura & Antle, Salinas
One of the giants in the Salinas Valley producing more than 25,000 acres of vegetable crops, T&A successfully manages a very large program and a diversified line of products.

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