Veggie U Educates Youth

Veggie U Summer Fundraiser


Author and chef Michael Ruhlman and celebrity Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli will act as judges for the 7th annual Veggie U Food And Wine fundraiser at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, OH, July 18.

Their presence along with more than 30 volunteer top chefs will support the efforts to continue the Veggie U program in classrooms across the nation.

Fourth-graders in 2,000 classrooms across Ohio and in 23 other states are graduates of Veggie U, a program designed to help children understand the real meaning of going “green.” During this science program, students learn to plant seeds, learn about soil composition, and study how good nutrition affects their lives.

Sponsored by The Chefs Garden farm in Huron, OH, the curriculum was designed by a group of local teachers, a physician, and a nutritionist to help children understand the importance of growing their own food.

Veggie U is a not-for-profit program. Kits costs $400 per classroom. Each kit contains seed, soil, grow lights, and a worm farm, along with a five-week curriculum and step-by-step CD. The kits are funded through private and corporate donations and the annual Food and Wine fundraiser.

For more information or to purchase tickets, call Veggie U Director Deborah Nickoloff at 419-499-7500 or 419-627-1548.