Frank Giles

Digital Initiative Tapped to Boost Florida Citrus Consumption

Modern marketing strategy to float orange juice keeps target on Millennial moms.

100 Years of Citrus Research a Reason to Celebrate

UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center reflects on its past and is ready for big breakthroughs in the future.

Proposed H-2C Law Has Flaws

As lawmakers continue to debate ag labor reform, farmers must deal with the growing reality of a dwindling workforce and crops going unharvested because of it.

Ways Florida Growers Can Keep Ahead of Pests Post-Irma

Scouting and quick action even more important where fumigation was skipped to catch up after the storm.

Is the Water Supply in Florida Headed for Deep Trouble?

The time to act is now to correct an unsustainable path forward.

Alico Overhaul to Cut Citrus Production Expenditures

Company restructuring aims to integrate legacy businesses and reduce input costs significantly.

Florida Citrus Tree Rehab in Full Swing After the Storm

With Hurricane Irma well in the rear view, growers and researchers hope to work groves back to a productive state as HLB rages on.

Biostimulants Making Big Strides as It Seeks Organization

The inaugural BiocontrolsSM USA East Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL, featured two days of educational sessions focused […]

Matchmaking Made Easy for Land Owners and Seekers

New website provides revenue potential for property holders.

Is Your Orange Juice Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

There is strong-willed — some might even say stubborn — blood flowing through the veins of Florida growers.

Disaster Relief: Ways Florida Growers Can Find Farm Aid

With billions of dollars lost to Irma, financial assistance will be crucial for many.

Tips to Help Hurricane-Stressed Citrus Trees

Cleaning up damage and small doses of nutrition the fastest path to helping blocks bounce back.

Attention to Citrus Psyllid Control Critical After Hurricane Irma

Flushing trees will give HLB vector perfect breeding ground.

Are We There Yet? Florida Citrus Growers Want to Know

When it comes to dealing with HLB, the ride can’t be over soon enough.

Hurricane Relief Fund Launched for Florida Farmworkers

Money raised will benefit Redlands Christian Migrant Association’s efforts to aid families in need.

Whitefly Troubles Go From Bad to Worse in Florida

Growers should have a plan for managing the pest from beginning to end of season.

The Grower’s Take: Citrus, HLB, and Biological Control

Uncle Matt’s Organic orange juice brand has enjoyed steady growth since its 2002 inception. The brand’s success is […]

Transcending Farm Labor Crisis No Easy Task [Opinion]

Technology could be on cusp of fixing labor problems for growers of crops that are traditionally hand harvested.

NAFTA Renegotiation Long Overdue for Florida Farmers

Specialty crop growers in the Sunshine State seek relief from unfair trade deal.

Pressure Is on to Pick and Plant Citrus Winners

With even more variety selections available, information and communication are keys to success.