Frank Giles

When it Comes to Agriculture, Count on Change

Facing challenges to success in new growth areas, Florida producers are required and ready to adapt again.

Florida Citrus Growers Not Backing Down from Destruction or Disease

Hurricane takes the wind out of a good crop, but many aim to nurse trees back to health as best they can.

Future Looks Bright for Organic Produce Growth

Changing demographics and technology bode well for expanding sector’s demand and sales.

Online Retailing Ripe for Produce Picking

Amazon and others are getting into the fresh produce game, presenting opportunities for growers.

Ancient Tree Has Modern Potential for Florida Growers

Pongamia might have a fit in Florida for its oil, feed, and other byproduct output.

When Modern Food Labels Serve Up Fear and Loathing

We tend to organize ourselves around labels. Are you a conventional or a organic grower and/or consumer?

Terrifying Facts About Weeds Every Farmer Should Know

The annual and perennial plants out of place that plague farmers’ fields are here to stay, and here’s why.

USDA Awards Grants to Help in the Fight Against Citrus Greening

Nearly $17 million will support important research projects aimed at helping growers live with the disease.

Florida Blue Farms Digging Data for Savings and Profit

Florida Blue Farms built on a plan to preserve quantity and quality of water resources.

Ways Farmers Can Avoid Being Left Out in the Cold by ICE

Knowing the difference between an immigration audit and raid can save you money and stress.

Florida’s Citrus Production Forecast Tumble Stalls

Latest USDA estimate shows orange and grapefruit forecast unchanged, but still historically low.

Licensing of New Plant Varieties Protects Florida Growers

Practice generates funds for reinvestment in breeding and makes international producers play by the rules.

American Agriculture Is Aging — So Now What?

Young farmers needed to fill shoes of the generation of growers nearing the end of their careers.

Are There Bright Futures in Solar Farming?

Power companies in Florida are seeking land to expand their renewable energy footprint.

Food Safety Modernization Act to Mark a Milestone in 2018

The Produce Safety Rule kicks in for large farms in January, but FDA will focus more on teaching rather than regulating this year.

Why Lemon Appeal Is Gaining Favor With Florida Growers

HLB tolerance and solid market potential has renewed interest in this cold-susceptible crop.

Digital Initiative Tapped to Boost Florida Citrus Consumption

Modern marketing strategy to float orange juice keeps target on Millennial moms.

100 Years of Citrus Research a Reason to Celebrate

UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center reflects on its past and is ready for big breakthroughs in the future.

Proposed H-2C Law Has Flaws

As lawmakers continue to debate ag labor reform, farmers must deal with the growing reality of a dwindling workforce and crops going unharvested because of it.

Ways Florida Growers Can Keep Ahead of Pests Post-Irma

Scouting and quick action even more important where fumigation was skipped to catch up after the storm.