4 Million More Boxes Dropped From Latest Florida Citrus Estimate

The updated 2013-2014 Florida all orange forecast from USDA Agricultural Statistics Board stands at 110 million boxes, down 4% from last month, and 18% less than last season’s final production figure.

While the production forecast for early, midseason, Navel, and Temple varieties is unchanged at 53 million boxes, the outlook for Valencia production dropped by 4 million boxes to 57 million. The drop survey conducted in late March showed final droppage at 31%, the highest of any non-hurricane, non-freeze season since 1969-1970.

“We continue to feel the effects of HLB, or citrus greening disease, in groves across Florida,” said Michael W. Sparks, executive VP/CEO of Florida Citrus Mutual. “The silver lining is that the tight supply will put upward pressure on grower returns, however that is not sustainable in the long term. That’s why finding a solution to this destructive disease in the laboratory is so important.”

The forecast of all grapefruit production remains at 16 million boxes.

The projection for frozen concentrated orange juice fell to 1.60 gallons per box of 42° Brix concentrate.

Click here to vew the entire USDA crop report.

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