‘Farmer Style’ Video Scores Viral Status

‘Farmer Style’ Video Scores Viral Status

Peterson Farm Bros


This past summer, three brothers from the Midwest did not intend to become world famous agri-tainment stars, but they did. “I’m Farming and I Grow It,” a gag video originally intended to share with and entertain Facebook friends about life on their family farm in Kansas, became a global Internet sensation for the Peterson Farm Bros thanks to the power of social media. That video has amassed almost 8 million views on YouTube since it was posted in late June.

Just in time for the holiday season, Greg, Nathan, and Kendal Peterson have decided to give it another try with a brand new parody—“Farmer Style.” For this go-round, the trio is spoofing the wildly popular “Gangnam Style” by South Korean singer/performer PSY. Just recently, “Gangnam Style” became the most watched video ever on YouTube scoring nearly 900 million views and counting.

Though quite a ways to go to catch that mark, the latest video from the Peterson Farm Bros already had amassed more than 1 million hits in just two days after it was posted. [UPDATE: In 5 days, the video had more than 6.6 million views]