California Olive Industry Turns To Its Grower/Stars

California Olive Industry Turns To Its Grower/Stars

In an age where farmers are a new form of celebrity, brands and commodity organizations are going straight to the source to inspire both consumer and trade communications.


The California Olive Committee (COC), a grower-funded program established by a Federal Marketing Order in 1965, is comprised of two canneries and hundreds of family farmers who raise olives on about 27,000 acres of orchards. The COC is launching an all new grower-focused trade campaign titled “Ripe Olives: Grown in California: Enjoyed By Families Everywhere.”

The new campaign seeks to focus on the quality of California while highlighting aspects of family tradition inherent in the California olive industry through the multi-generation farming families that work hard to bring them from the grove to pantries. California produces more than 95% of the olives grown in the U.S. today. Typically farms are not mechanically run industrial farms, but multi-generational orchards powered by hardworking California farmers and their families.

The COC worked with table olive growers and their families to create all new videos, photography, and recipes to help bring to life the multi-generation and California-centric story of the industry and its growers. These assets will be featured prominently in various communications including trade advertising, web and social media content, branded collateral, and parenting-focused news websites like

“This campaign has truly given us the opportunity to shine a light on the amazing farming families behind a product not often thought about beyond the can,” said Alexander Ott, Executive Director of the California Olive Committee. “From their farming ingenuity to their culinary prowess, these family stories are begging to be told and we’re excited to be able to do that through this campaign.”

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