New York Grape Growers Asked To Fill Out Winter Injury Survey

New York Grape Growers Asked To Fill Out Winter Injury Survey

The New York State Agriculture Commissioner’s office is gathering information on grape production losses associated with 2013-14 winter injury..


The Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets of the State of New York may authorize a farm winery to manufacture or sell wine produced from grapes grown outside of New York if he or she determines, after investigation, that adverse conditions have caused the destruction of at least 40% of a specific grape varietal used for winemaking. The Commissioner has asked Cornell University to conduct a survey as part of that investigation.

New York grape growers are asked to fill out a brief online survey that asks for an estimate of the percentage of crop loss associated with winter injury, number of acres impacted, and (if possible) an estimate of the three-year average tonnage produced. Survey responses will be accepted through July 14.

Growers are asked to fill out the survey, even if only experiencing minimal amount of winter injury or crop reduction, because state officials will use the results as a source of information.

This survey by its nature focuses on grapes used in wine and sold to New York State farm wineries. While that certainly includes Concord and Niagara, if a grower only grows these varieties for the juice and bulk wine market, completion of the survey is not necessary.