Tips To Manage Two-Spotted Spider Mites In Cherries

Tips To Manage Two-Spotted Spider Mites In Cherries

It is unlikely that two-spotted spider mite pressure will be high this year, according to Nikki Rothwell, Michigan State University Extension, and John Wise, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Entomology.


Two-spotted spider mites are more problematic in cherries in hot, dry years. But, with this season’s cool temperatures and wet conditions, Rothwell and Wise anticipate growers will face the crucial decision of applying a miticide before or after harvest.

Before cherry harvest, the pre-harvest intervals (PHIs) of most miticides are 14 days or longer. Keep in mind that often the mite count is low early in the season, and the numbers may not warrant a miticide at that time. Because of these issues, many cherry growers apply a miticide after harvest when the mite numbers are higher and when PHIs are no longer a concern.

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Source: Michigan State University Extension bulletin