New Fruit Equipment At World Ag Expo

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Porter Orchard Boss Tractor

A&B Packing Evolution Packing Machine

The Evolution packing machine boasts the fastest fill times with the most accurate weights of any machine of its kind in the world. The Evolution was originally designed for the blueberry industry; however, it was very quickly adopted for many different products. This machine is currently being used for blueberries, sweet cherries, mushrooms, grape and cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, and anything else that needs to be packed quickly and accurately.

Since the Evolution hit the market in 2010, it has taken the packing world by storm. With its ability to pack a wide range of containers from 4.4 ounces all the way to 4 pounds, it attracts the modern packer trying to appeal to an ever-changing market. The Evolution has fill speeds reaching 180 cups a minute while maintaining an average of only 3 grams over target weight when packing blueberries. With the speed and accuracy of this machine, packers are saving huge on labor cost, and they are not giving away product any more.

A&B Packing is asked nearly every day to pack a new product in their machines. For example, this spring their new bagging system will be introduced for their growing cherry clientele.

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GK Machine Switchblade Scraper

Though one of the most economical scrapers on the market, this unit is so innovative that it was among the Top 10 New Products at this year’s World Ag Expo.

The recently patented design allows the scraper cutting edge and blade section to move forward and back to change the angle of the cutting blade. The Switchblade Scraper’s edge adheres itself to the ground pulling the blade into the cut. The unique design keeps the scraper from “duck walking” and virtually eliminates harmonic bounce.

Developer GK Machine is a fabrication job shop, manufacturer of machinery, OEM manufacturer, and supplier of hydraulic specialty equipment for agriculture.
The Switchblade Scraper reduces the need for multiple passes, saves time per acre, and increases field production. Also, the unique “Auto Transport Design” requires no operator assembly to transport from field to field, saving the operator’s time and increasing safety.

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Porter Orchard Boss Tractor

The Porter Orchard Boss is a purpose-built orchard tractor with the very low profile — just 67 inches to top of cab — that growers have been inquiring about for years. It is available in either 80 or 90 pto horsepower and comes standard with a charcoal filtration spray cab. It is designed to run tools on either the front or the back and comes standard with a three point hitch.

The articulate design makes maneuvering through the orchards easy even in tight spacing. The high flow auxiliary hydraulics give the grower the option of running their flail mower or chopper on the front of the tractor to eliminate driving over brush and grass before they drive over it.

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Northwest Tillers Strawberry Bed Mulcher

This new unit — so new that patent is still pending — may completely change how a lot of strawberry growers prepare for the next crop.

This unit does it all, doing away with the need to stubble disc, deep chisel, plow, finish disc, land plane, or even list. That means this new mulcher is not only easier to use, it’s fast. The turnaround time with a conventional unit is three to five weeks, but with this new mulcher the time is reduced to just one to two weeks.
Many crops throughout California have been farmed using this same turnaround technique for many years, including melons, cotton, corn, vegetables, and tomatoes (thousands of acres annually).

Other features include:
• Customized to your specifications in finished bed size and shape.
• One pass blends the entire bed to near perfect uniformity.
• Never disturb the deep center of the bed.
• Largest tractor required is a 220 hp with front assist and 12.4-inch rubber on the tractor.
• Quick turnaround permits extended harvest capacity of as much as four weeks.
• Tiller can do approximately 12-plus acres per day at 2.5 miles per hour.
• Minimum cost savings of $400 per acre plus extended harvest.

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Clemens Satellite Controlled Planting Machine

Clemens Vineyard Equipment was another Top 10 honoree at this year’s World Ag Expo, proudly showing off this new unit. For planting vineyards, orchards, or olives, the satellite controlled planting machine is the most appropriate machine for the job.

The advantages speak for themselves:
• Documentation of coordinates.
• Automatic slope compensation in two axes (double balance) facilitating exact transversal lines and better planting design.
• Planting stakes at the same time — also, double balance is very important.
• It is possible to survey by only two reference points independent of field size and field form.
• It is possible to plant conical rows (steep slopes, fields between two vineyards).
• The operation is simpler compared to a laser controlled planting machine.
• No higher surveying effort planting hilly and irregular field forms.
• Featuring high capability. Planting performance increases in steep slopes as well as in large areas (planting in both field directions).

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David Eddy is editor of American/Western Fruit Grower, a Meister Media Worldwide publication.

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