Grocery Chain Aims To Replicate Farmers Market Experience

Grocery Chain Aims To Replicate Farmers Market Experience

The Loblaw grocery chain is hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of farm markets by replicating them in its Canadian stores. In a company press release, Loblaw said that a “farmers market doesn’t always fit with the realities of Canadians’ hectic lifestyles.” Its answer is to replicate the farmers market experience in-store.


“We plan to introduce demonstrations in many of our stores where at least the shopper will have someone to talk to,” says Loblaw vice president of produce Frank Pagliaro. “Our staff will hopefully provide insight into where the product comes from and who the grower is.” The initiative comes after Loblaw faced criticism for selling imported fruits and vegetables rather than in-season, local produce.

Robert Chorney, president of Farmers’ Markets Canada, representing more than 500 farmers markets throughout Canada, says recent research shows farmers get just 10% to 21% of the retail price of their produce at supermarkets, while they get to keep around 84% on average at farmers markets.

Source: The Chronicle Herald