Marrone Bio Introduces Biostimulant to Reduce Sun Stress

Marrone Bio Introduces Biostimulant to Reduce Sun Stress

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. launched Haven Anti-transpirant, a biostimulant for use in a broad range of fruit, nut, and vegetable crops, in addition to corn, wheat, and turf.


Anti-transpirants are compounds applied to the leaves of plants to reduce transpiration, the evaporation of water from plant leaves to cool plants. In stressful environments, such as intense sunlight or drought, excess transpiration causes significant damage to crops.

Haven is derived from plant-based compounds that reflect light and heat to maintain lower leaf temperatures while at the same time reducing water loss, resulting in less stress on the crop and higher yields and quality. When two to four applications are sprayed on crops generally starting at early fruit/nut set, Haven has reduced sun stress and increased yields for certain apple varieties, almonds, walnuts, grapes, citrus, tomatoes, corn, wheat, and turf. Field trials have also demonstrated a reduction of bitter pit in apples. Bitter pit is caused by a calcium deficiency that causes serious crop losses in certain apple varieties.

Unlike most current sun stress/anti-transpirant products on the market today that form a physical barrier to block the sun, Haven brings the added benefit to growers of leaving no visible deposit or residue on the crop.

“MBI is focused on developing and commercializing innovative products that address unmet market needs and deliver value to growers,” said Pam Marrone, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MBI. “We are pleased to enter the biostimulant market and expand our product portfolio with the launch of Haven, which offers growers a new technology that reduces sun stress in crops, increases crop yields, and improves quality.”