New Product Helps Improve Quality Of Irrigation Water

New Product Helps Improve Quality Of Irrigation Water

Max Systems LLC has recently released a new pH balancing carbon surfactant called Regulator 3.0 Concentrate. Max Systems LLC says this surfactant will to give treated irrigation water the qualities of rainwater, thus improving the efficacy of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides.


Regulator 3.0 Concentrate lowers the pH of irrigation water, which makes nutrients more available to plants and improves the efficacy of chemicals and fertilizer applied through a pivot. By applying irrigation water with a balanced pH, growers can typically use lower application rates.

Max Systems LLC says growers can apply as little as 8 to 16 ounces per acre to attain the “return-to-rain” effects of Regulator 3.0.

“Regulator 3.0 is a carbon-based surfactant that contains high amounts of energy and oxygen,” Douglas Stengel, co-founder of Max Systems LLC, said. “This helps build more sugar in the plants. Plus, the carbon used in Regulator 3.0 as a carrier moves through the plant much easier than salts, providing better nutrition to the desired plants, while delivering a more fatal dose of any pivot injected herbicides to weeds and grass.”