Asian Citrus Psyllid Detected In Lime Import

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Asian citrus psyllid was recently detected in a shipment of limes by U.S Customs and Border Protection (CPB) agriculture specialists at the Port of Nogales facility in Nogales, AZ. The Asian citrus psyllid is a vector for citrus greening disease or Huanglongbing (HLB). A USDA entomologist identified the destructive pest. The importer had the shipment of limes returned to Mexico.  

Along with Florida and California, citrus greening disease has been detected in some regions of Mexico, according to the USDA. Damage to citrus crops in Florida has been extensive. For more coverage on HLB, visit or click here.

“This interception is significant because citrus greening disease is considered the most devastating citrus disease in the world,” said Tracy Filippi, CPB agriculture program manager. “There is no known cure for the disease, so the potential for widespread damage from this psyllid is very high.”