EPA Approves New Product for Control of Citrus Greening

Plant Food Systems has announced the development of Bullet HLB, a new “one-shot” product fully registered by the EPA for control of citrus greening (also known as HLB) and other citrus diseases. The product release comes off the heels of a recently reported University of Florida (UF) research study showing the efficacy from Plant Food Systems’ unique formulation.


“We are committed to helping Florida citrus thrive,” said Paul Fabry, President of the Florida-based manufacturer. “We are growers first, so we are proud to develop a tool to help other Florida growers fight this disease, improve grove health, and increase annual production.”

Bullet combines Plant Food Systems’ legacy products, KPHITE and RENEW. The UF study credited the Plant Food Systems-led treatments with a 42% increase in fruit size and 60% more value.

“The author specifically identified a combination of our specific formulation of potassium phosphite (KPHITE) and dipotassium mono and diphosphate (RENEW) as most effective on the selected commercial grapefruit crop,” Fabry said. “This new research, along with years of successful grower trials, led us to combine both disease control and nutrition into one high-impact product.”