Citrus Survey: New Management Techniques Trending

In the early days of HLB’s invasion into Florida citrus groves, the mantra was to control the vector and remove infected trees to decrease the inoculm in groves. While some growers are still doing this, as the disease spread, the tactic became less practical. Then, attention turned to foliar nutrition to keep infected trees productive and to encourage healthy trees to produce even more to pick up the slack.


In January 2009, Florida Grower featured the groundbreaking work of Maury Boyd and his nutritional foliar cocktail to improve tree health and productivity in his highly infected grove.

However, during the past couple of seasons, growers are becoming increasingly aware that root health is as important as foliar conditions above ground. As indicated by results from this year’s industry survey (see results below), growers are turning toward managing trees with the root’s ability to support production in mind.


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