KeyPlex, Record Buck Farms Spreading The Word About Citrus

Utilizing the knowledge and tools used by nursery growers and commercial growers, the newly created “My Citrus Tree” program is geared to help educate homeowners with dooryard citrus that there are ways to prevent these diseases as well as viable options to cutting and removing their citrus trees.


The “My Citrus Tree” program informs homeowners that by using micronutrient products like KeyPlex citrus trees can live with citrus diseases like HLB (citrus greening disease). “Citrus trees are such an integral part of the Florida landscape,” says Rich Johnston, of KeyPlex Direct “As a way of giving back to the areas that surround the citrus industry we at KeyPlex Direct and Record Buck Farms partnered to create the “My Citrus Tree” program because we wanted to share valuable information with dooryard citrus owners.”

Representatives from the partnering companies are hitting the road and working with citrus retailers, and nurseries, to get the word out about this important initiative.

The core message of the “My Citrus Tree” campaign is that it takes good plant nutrition to keep citrus trees healthy. “Plants and trees are no different than people or animals when it comes to the importance of good nutrition,” says Gerald O’Connor, President of KeyPlex Inc. “Like the human body has the ability to fight off infection, plants have similar built-in protective mechanisms to help fight off disease.”

KeyPlex Direct recently introduced KeyPlex Citrus HG, which is a consumer version of KeyPlex’s highly regarded micronutrient formulation that’s used by commercial citrus growers throughout the state of Florida. This cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly product is intended for homeowners to help boost their citrus trees’ strength and vigor so they may produce healthier fruit that tastes great, and restore a sense of luster to their landscape. Made from naturally occurring kid-, pet-, and eco-friendly material, KeyPlex products stimulate plants to increase the production of their own defensive compounds.

“We partnered with KeyPlex for this program because we believe they have terrific tools for growing healthy citrus trees,” says Danny Finch, owner of Record Buck Farms. “We use KeyPlex products and highly recommend that home gardeners continue using them on our trees to get the best results possible.” Record Buck, is one of the most well respected producers of container grown citrus trees in Florida. They are tree suppliers to the large chain garden centers of Lowes, Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot and to independent garden centers across Florida.
Look for pink flamingos that mark citrus trees’ where KeyPlex and Record Buck have provided home owners with a free supply of Citrus HG for their citrus trees.

KeyPlex Direct and Record Buck Farms will be at the following locations to answer questions and give free samples of KeyPlex Citrus HG:

  • Saturday, June 5, Spyke’s Grove, Davie FL, 9 a.m. to noon.
  • Saturday, June 19, Rockledge Gardens, Rockledge FL, 9 a.m. to noon.

Source: KeyPlex Direct news release