Revised Forecast Yields Small Victory For Florida Oranges

Revised Forecast Yields Small Victory For Florida Oranges

Where will the 2015-2016 Florida orange crop ultimately shake out? According to a recent reader poll, the majority (53%) of respondents said somewhere between 60 million and 69 million boxes.


If you answered in that range, you’re still on the right track — for now. The revised all Florida orange forecast stayed the same for the second straight month at 69 million boxes.

The estimated breakdown remains: 36 million boxes of early, midseason, Navel, and Temple varieties; plus 33 million boxes of Valencias.

“Today’s citrus crop forecast further illustrates that Florida’s citrus industry is on a precipice,” stated Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. “Florida is synonymous with citrus, and without immediate and tangible support, as well as a long-term solution, Florida is facing the prospect of losing its signature crop and its more than $10 billion economic impact.”

The overall grapefruit estimate came in at 10.5 million boxes. This is down slightly from last month’s 10.8 million box count.

The next estimate from USDA is scheduled for March 9.