‘Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide’ Gets Much-Needed Update

Much has changed in the world since 2006, especially in the Florida citrus industry. Back then, HLB was a relatively new scourge in the Sunshine State and the 2nd iteration of the “Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide” didn’t delve into rootstocks’ role of managing the disease.
The just released 3rd edition of the “Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide,” however, is a different story. The updated guide is a reference to 20 characteristics of 45 rootstocks. It highlights 21 recently released rootstocks, some of which show reduced citrus greening incidence in early field trials.


Of the 45 rootstocks, 12 are time-honored commercial selections, 12 are minor commercial selections that are less frequently used but may have been prominent once. The third group is the most recently released rootstocks for which there is limited commercial experience, but are increasingly being used in the Florida citrus industry.

“These new rootstocks offer improvements of many meaningful traits that appear essential to the future of our citrus industry – among them, tree-size control, high yield and juice quality, and possible HLB tolerance,” according to the guide’s authors.

Click here to view the revised “Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide.”

In addition, you can view an interactive version here.