We Believe in Florida Citrus Podcast: Mandarin Hybrid Goes From Zero to Hero?

Learn how an underperforming citrus variety from the 1970s might find new life in the HLB-era on a new rootstock. And find out how breeders and industry are managing the thousands of potential new varieties in development. All this and more in the first episode of the “We Believe in Florida Citrus Podcast.”


We Believe in Florida Citrus is a Florida Grower initiative to highlight the work growers, researchers, and industry are doing to build a positive, more sustainable future for the state’s signature crop.

Peter ChairesIn the first episode of We Believe in Florida Citrus Podcast series, we interview Peter Chaires, Executive Director of the New Varieties Development and Management Corp. Chaires has been a monthly contributor to the magazine for more than a decade with his Citrus Nursery Source article.