Product Spotlight: New Biological Insect Control From Arborjet

AzaSol from Arborjet is a new, water-soluble powdered azadirachtin product developed for biologically based insect control. It is manufactured with a patented process resulting in a very potent powdered azadirachtin product that is also solvent free and shelf stable for more than two years.


By mixing AzaSol with water at the time of application, the solubility allows for superior flow, absorption, and utilization by plants. Because it is biologically based, it can be applied the day of harvest.

AzaSol is intended for use on outdoor plants, food crops, and more. It can be applied via soil drench, chemigation, injection, or spray. Studies have shown azadirachtin, derived from neem plants, to be a highly effective broad spectrum biological insect control, a natural anti-feedant, growth regulator, and anti-ovipository and insect repellent.

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