2010 Food Trends Point To More Healthy Options

According to the Food Channel’s top 10 list of food trends for 2010, “back to basics” is in, meaning a focus on home-cooked meals made from basic, healthy ingredients.


The Food Channel’s foodies say it “isn’t about retro, or comfort food, or even cost — it’s about determining the essentials and stocking your pantry accordingly.” They also anticipate consumers will shop more frequently in order to purchase the freshest ingredients while minimizing waste.

Food vetting is another emerging trend, the Food Channel says, including issues like Fair Trade and organics. Sustainability will remain front and center, too, with consumers adopting sustainable practices such as eating locally sourced and seasonal foods, as well as purchasing products in sustainable packaging.

Another trend will be “food with benefits,” meaning functional foods high in nutrients, which ties into another anticipated trend: bartering for consumables. Farmers markets and CSAs will continue to grow in popularity, and the Food Channel analysts even predict food swaps — eg a box of tomatoes in exchange for babysitting.