Farmers Donate Fresh Produce To Communities In Need

California growers have donated more than 115 tons of fresh produce to communities in the Central Valley.


Recent water policies are not only affecting farmers. Social plight in the central valley is on the rise, as some cities, like Firebaugh, Mendota, and Huron have each reached unemployment rates of more than 40%.

Since the beginning of July, Woolf Farming and a few other agribusinesses have responded by donating more than 115 tons of fresh produce to the city of Huron and other communities of the central valley. Morgan Woolf of Woolf Farming has organized the effort, taking a different approach. Instead of donations being made through Second Harvest, about 15 acres of zucchini, sweet corn, squash, and peppers have been grown with the intention of donating the yield of the land. Other growers also are contributing to this effort with tree fruit, beans, and processed vegetables.

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