Future Of Florida Agriculture Gets Some Support

Continuing its investment in the future of agriculture, Syngenta Crop Protection, Syngenta Seedcare, and Syngenta Seeds ROGERS Brand helped select Kyle Helseth, a senior at the University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, as this year’s recipient of the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association’s (FFVA) education scholarship. Helseth, who is currently pursuing his degree in Food and Resource Economics, Marketing and Management Specialization, received the scholarship September 21 at the FFVA’s 67th Annual Convention in Naples, FL. The scholarship recognizes students pursuing careers in agriculture who display a financial need. This is the sixth consecutive year Syngenta has sponsored the FFVA education scholarship.

“Kyle exhibits passion and enthusiasm for Florida agriculture through his studies and involvement with the industry outside of the classroom,” said Meade McDonald, Syngenta district manager, Florida/Puerto Rico. “Syngenta is proud to award this scholarship in partnership with the FFVA to Kyle – a well-deserving and bright individual. He has impressive ideas for the future of agriculture in this state and has a well-rounded understanding of the industry.”


Helseth began learning about agriculture at a young age by helping his family in their citrus groves. In the past, he interned at the USDA Agricultural Research Service and at Rollins Ranch in Yeehaw Junction, FL. He gained experience using geographic information system (GIS) mapping software and scouting citrus fields. Helseth’s major is a clear indication of the direction he’d like to take his career, as his interest is piqued by chemical product sales, crop insurance and futures trading. He is also a colligate member of Alpha Gamma Rho, a social/professional agriculture-based fraternity.

Since 1997, more than 90 students have participated in a Syngenta Crop Protection internship program in Florida. Participant responsibilities include scouting, soil sampling and collecting, analyzing and reporting on various citrus agricultural data.

Syngenta also contributes to the future of agriculture through the research conducted at its Vero Beach Research Center. This facility tests new and existing products to ensure their efficacy.

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Source: Syngenta news release