10 Suggestions For Making Your Return To The Family Farm A Success

10 Suggestions For Making Your Return To The Family Farm A Success

Joining or rejoining the family farm business can be a highly satisfying career and personal choice. It also could be a commitment that leads to calamity. How returning family members can significantly improve their chances of success both short-run and long-run is no easy feat.


Bernie Erven, Professor Emeritus of agricultural economics at Ohio State University and Consultant with Erven HR Services LLC, addressed this all-in-the-family topic as part of the latest installment of the GenNext Webinar Series.

Erven pointed to five challenges that make returning to the family farm difficult, frustrating, and disruptive: 1) Family/business relationships; 2) Planning; 3) Communication; 4) Leadership; and 5) Time passing.

While reviewing each of these challenges, Erven placed the heaviest emphasis on the communication factor. β€œIn my career of more than 40 years now, this issue of communication has caused more strain in family relations than any other single thing I can identify,” he said.

To help clear the lines of communication and navigate around the other pitfalls, Erven offered 10 suggestions to make coming home a success for all involved.

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