New Traceability Products

Proving Compliance


TraceGains Inc., a GS1-Certified Solution Partner, delivers a turnkey GS1-128 traceability solution. Growers, packers, and shippers can easily meet compliancy, with only minor adjustments to their daily operations.

The Web-based service requires no capital expense for software or IT. The service lets users certify that product has left their operations within full compliance of all production and safety standards, and can be used to quickly clear their product of involvement in a category recall.

TraceGains will help users:

• Meet and exceed GS1-128 labeling standard to achieve regulatory compliance, and go beyond to monitor and meet business and commercial compliance and traceability objectives.

• Enjoy low startup and operational costs, and make only minimal changes to existing operations.

• Narrow the recall scope from one or more days of production to a much smaller group of product, drastically reducing financial losses.

• Label at the case- and item-level and include all mandatory barcode and human readable requirements.

• Print customized labels locally, and encode them with logos and variable information, including GS1-128 and customer-specified information.

• Link individual cases on a pallet with the pallet ID currently created in farm management programs.

• Document the pedigree of all product in the case of a suspected recall.

• Provide traceability from case ID back to the farm field zone.

• Provide rapid track-forward to minimize time and expense of a recall.

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Self-Propelled Sprayers

For more than 40 years, Spra-Coupe has led the way in self- propelled application equipment with a focus on the needs of the grower. AGCO’s new Spra-Coupe 4455 and 4655 models are lightweight, fuel-efficient, and boast a new hood design. They feature a tight turning radius, so an operator spends less time backing up the sprayer and repositioning it at the end of rows. The sprayers are equipped with a 400-gallon poly tank and an optional 60/80 breakaway boom.

Powerful Perkins diesel engines provide plenty of power for the field-friendly, low-impact sprayers as well as extra torque for turns, soft ground, and hills.

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