Sustainability Finds A Place On Ocean Mist Farms’ Website

Ocean Mist Farms, one of American Vegetable Grower’s Top 100 Growers in the West, recently added a new section to its website,, dedicated to reporting about the company’s sustainability initiatives.


Sustainability and environmental stewardship is a core value for Ocean Mist Farms with a commitment to preserving natural resources and ecosystems, said Afreen Malik, environmental stewardship and food safety manager.

“Respect for our natural resources, including the employees who make our success possible and the environment in which they work, is central to our organization,” Malik said. “We are committed to preserving and enhancing not only the land on which we farm, but also the surrounding ecosystems and we wanted to share our progress with our trade partners and consumers.”

One example of California-based Ocean Mist Farms’ conservation efforts is its alliance with an environmental group in Monterey County to convert Ocean Mist farmland into wet lands off the Elkhorn Slough. In addition, Ocean Mist Farms is making efforts in the following areas of environmental stewardship: Soil health and fertility, resource conservation, packaging, integrated pest management and reducing its carbon footprint overall.

Regular progress reports will be posted on the site to update readers on how Ocean Mist Farms is doing on managing its carbon footprint moving forward.

“Our future goals are to continue to find new ways, big and small, to conserve our natural resources,” Malik said. “This includes continued research to find new ways to conserve water and improve water quality and working with experts to benchmark current efforts and set concrete, measurable goals for the future.”

Source: Ocean Mist press release