United Fresh, Ag Coalition, Take Next Step In Campaign Against “Card Check” Bill

United Fresh, Ag Coalition, Take Next Step In Campaign Against "Card Check" Bill


United Fresh Produce Association president Tom Stenzel and vice president Kam Quarles, along with other members of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, met with House of Representatives leadership Feb. 23 to discuss the movement to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act, which is commonly referred to as the “card check” bill, would take away employees’ rights to a secret ballot when deciding whether to form a union. On Feb. 25, two days after the meeting took place, the opposition campaign experienced a victory when more than 100 members of the House joined them in supporting counter-legislation that would guarantee employees the right to a secret ballot.

The proposed legislation has met with opposition from both the agriculture industry and government representatives. The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace — which consists of national, regional, and local agricultural associations covering virtually every sector of the agricultural industry — was created in response to the legislation. House Republican leader John Boehner (8th-OH) and other key legislators also oppose the “card check” bill.

As a member of the coalition’s steering committee, United Fresh has established an online “card check” resource center which provides members with information about the issue. Visit www.unitedfresh.org/newsviews/check_card to access the page.

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