More Apple Varieties Thought Extinct Found

More Apple Varieties Thought Extinct Found

David Benscoter, a retired federal investor dubbed the “apple detective,” has once again uncovered more thought-to-be-lost varieties in Washington and Idaho.


Spokane Spokesman-Review first introduced Benscoter’s interest in heirloom varieties. With the latest news story, Benscoter is up to 11 varieties he’s found. This time he found ‘Shackleford’ 10 miles north of Spokane; ‘McAffe’ was found near Steptoe Butte; ‘Saxon Priest’ was found near Ellensburg; and ‘Kittageskee’ found near Boise.

North Idaho resident Glen Macphee sent ‘Ewalt’ to Benscoter. Macphee found the apple near Hauser Lake, ID. Property owners such as Macphee help Benscoter locate apples, then Benscoter sends them to Temperate Orchard Conservancy in Molalla, OR, for identification.

The Spokesman-Review said John Bunker of Fedco Seeds in Maine helped Benscoter identify ‘Shackleford.’