‘Arctic Golden’ Slices to hit Midwestern Stores

‘Arctic Golden’ Slices to hit Midwestern Stores

Arctic apple slices will soon hit stores in Midwestern test markets. (Photo credit: Okanagan Specialty Fruits)

Arctic apple slices will soon hit stores in Midwestern test markets. (Photo credit: Okanagan Specialty Fruits)

Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) announces ‘Arctic Golden’ apple slices, the very first product from OSF, will hit select stores soon.

OSF will sell sliced ‘Arctic Golden’ slices in select Midwestern U.S. stores for test markets early this year. This announcement follows the first-ever commercial harvest this past fall.


These test markets will give apple lovers a first bite of nonbrowning Arctic apples, and will offer the opportunity for feedback as the company plans to have Arctic apples hit more store shelves in the fall of 2017.

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Matt says:

At least we know what type/brand of apples to avoid. I suggest that if you do not want these apples in your store, you speak to your grocer. Even a few complaints from consumers will keep them off the shelves. These need to be removed from the market just like the GE potato was some 20 years ago. There is NO need for this variety.

Browning is controlled with Vitamin C now, which is actually a net positive compared to the artic apples. Regular apples with vitamin C do not brown vs Artic Apples with no added vitamin C that do not brown.

As someone who supports Wisconsin Apple Growers, we make sure to express our preference to our preferred growers. They have no plans to grow these apples.

Joe says:

I would rather eat a non browning apple that had the browning gene turned off than chemically treat apples to retard browning. The anti gmo hysteria is not based in fact. I believe the population in general would benefit from more research and development in that field.

John says:

“Regular apples with vitamin C do not brown” which is the point. The marketplace tells us it wants ‘no added chemicals’. Breeding techniques are used to produce an apple that needs no chemical additives If this apple had been created by some other genetic technology, would it serve a need and be accepted? The dirty little secret is the consumer might soon be faced with a line of GE products that have less chemical footprint and require less chemical additives in finished products than their organic counterparts.

For the record, we had a call complaining about our GE persimmons.

crush davis says:

Good comment. CRISPR/Cas9 is a perfect example of the “next generation” biotechnology that is poised to change agriculture. And as of now, the anti-biotech activists have no answer for it. They will, eventually–because they always find a reason to oppose what they don’t want on the market, for whatever reason. It’s not about labels, or “knowing what you’re eating” with them. It’s about eliminating the choices consumers have in the marketplace. Eliminating them, because they don’t agree with the choice on principle. It’s actually a very authoritarian attitude, which I find ironic. But that’s another story. Long live the Arctic apple.

John says:

For the record, we had a call complaining about our GMO persimmons. Huh? The code began with 8, so it must be GMO. The whole phone call was strange and she obviously had not bought or used the persimmons. She was a poorly trained activist. Grocers are used to ‘nuisance claims’. Grocers are also pretty good at identifying real customer preferences because that is their business. Fine, let there be a grocer for the 1 percenters, where no products will offend their sensitive policy preference whims. (actually Venture Capitalist are doing that right now. They will overdo that niche because they think every consumer is a Snowflake).

Daddio says:

As parents we can’t wait for this product. Slice an apple for the lunch sack and kids actually eat them because they stay white.

It is about time that biotech delivered a great consumer product.

crush davis says:

I plan to buy them, eat them, and promote them. I am a crop consultant, and have the credentials to be credible on the subject with people who know less than I do. And, I will also tell people that they should be suspect of anyone who says otherwise about this variety, because he/she will most likely be rooted in unscientific, knee-jerk reactionary nonsense–deliberately lying to the public. See? I can be an activist too.

Kevin says:

label it ! and let the market decide.
( Not All Anti GMO folks are leftist snowflakes) I think a consumer should know what they are spending their dollars on . In my opinion long term I hate to see selective breeding skills traditionally preformed buy a Growers over many years be lost to a laboratory then lost for the next generation with that said when visiting a small antique apple orchard in WA.
I got to eat a apple off of a 1940s variety that had a crimson interior average size well balanced sugar and just down write tasty Not commercially available any longer.
consumers are bored !
Artic Golden might have a place on the menu on a buffet but browning of a apple is not the problem .