‘EverCrisp’ Apple gets PLU Approval

‘EverCrisp’ Apple gets PLU Approval

MAIA-1– marketed as ‘EverCrisp’– earlier this month received its PLU (price look-up) approval from the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS), and is broadening its marketing as it readies for expanded availability in late October in stores.


The ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘Fuji’ cross was developed by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA).

‘EverCrisp’ will begin arriving late October. It became available in limited supply last year at growers’ farm stands primarily in the Midwest and Northeast. Today, it’s growing on MAIA-1 trees at 350 orchards in 32 states.

This year’s anticipated harvest will also place EverCrisp® on select grocers’ shelves starting in November with the PLU code: 3490 APPLE, MAIA 1.

Expanded Marketing
‘EverCrisp’ will also introduce new packaging with the tagline “’EverCrisp’ is Ever Crave-able,” with additional marketing materials that tout its features under secondary taglines such as “’EverCrisp’ is Ever Sweet,” “’EverCrisp’ is Ever Juicy,” “’EverCrisp’ is Ever Firm,” etc.

A new website and social channels launching later this month will connect consumers with the ‘EverCrisp’ story online. And, MAIA will conduct a variety of outreach initiatives this fall to regional and national media and food bloggers to raise ‘EverCrisp’ awareness and interest for this harvest season, as well as build a fan base for a 2018 season that is expected to be exponentially larger.

Organization Partners With Phytelligence for Rapid Production
Earlier this year, MAIA signed a propagation agreement with Phytelligence to expand availability of ‘EverCrisp’ to growers.

The partnership allows Phytelligence to propagate and sell MAIA-1 trees, quickly increasing the amount of trees available and getting more plant material into the hands of awaiting growers. With Phytelligence’s proprietary technology, the company can quickly replenish the depleted MAIA-1 supply with virus clean, true-to-type plants ready for delivery in spring 2019.