Orchard Owner Talks About Using Migrant Workers

“It would be very difficult to bring in the crop without this extra labor supply, I really appreciate their skill in harvesting it’s not as easy as it looks,” Richard Van Lin, Owner of Van Lin Orchards tells WKTB of LaCrosse, WI.


The news report says Van Lin’s orchards in La Crescent, WI, relies on migrant workers to harvest his 50 acres.

“This is helping me to get a better life because, you know in Mexico, you’re not making money down there,” said Romero Ramirez, who has been coming to Van Lin Orchard for three years.

Van Lin said he is happy to pay $12 an hour for the help to harvest their 800 pounds of apples.

“They are hard working, it’s nice to have them on site so we can get up in the morning and go to work,” he says.