Pennsylvania Hard Cider Producers Founded Independent Trade Organization

Pennsylvania hard cider guild logoPennsylvania hard cider makers recently formed a non-profit trade organization to help promote and educate the craft beverage. The PA Cider Guild (PAGC) was created to help cider producers, apple growers, and industry partners grow the hard cider industry in the state.


“Here in Pennsylvania we have maintained a long standing tradition of being one of the principal states in the U.S. for growing apples. It is only natural that our state seeks to take advantage of this proud American heritage of producing cider (the hard way),” said Hank Frecon of Frecon Farms and Cidery in Boyertown, PA, and the guild’s acting president. “ We started the Guild to link all of the important contributors to this new and expanding industry, and give this industry a voice among the other great craft products being produced in Pennsylvania like beer and wine.”

The organization was established following an exploratory meeting in August 2014 with the goals of promoting the understanding and appreciation of cider grown in Pennsylvania; helping producers navigate the systems within the state to advocate for legislative change; coordinating events to develop the cider industry in Pennsylvania; creating unity in the cider industry within Pennsylvania; and developing and delivering education programs, events and services to maintain quality standards in cider making and apple growing.

The guild offers membership classifications: Cidery, Cidery in Planning, Associated/Allied, and Enthusiast. For membership information visit PAGC is also accepting nominations for officers and board members. Visit for more information.

Source: PA Cider Guild news release