Forget Donald And Hillary – Vote Your Berry

giant-berry-promotion-red-state-blue-stateFinally, there is a tasteful election as California Giant Berry Farms is capitalizing on the nasty 2016 election season by providing consumers a light-hearted alternative to the presidential election buzz.


The Watsonville, CA, company’s Red State-Blue State promotional sweepstakes launched in September is definitely creating a buzz of its own.

California Giant’s color-coded campaign is encouraging consumers nationwide to vote red for strawberries or blue for blueberries while using the #berriesforpresident hashtag.

The Twitter party held last week definitely provided some comic relief to the Presidential debate with almost 6,000 tweets in one hour generating more than 7 million impressions and trending 3rd nationally within minutes.

At this point it appears that red is ahead in the polls as the big push begins during the last month of the campaign. Both strawberries and blueberries will be pulling out all the stops at California Giant to earn votes as recipes are featured, versatility promoted, and seasonal availability shared with loyal followers and the many potential voters that are still undecided.

“We knew this would be a fun promotion during this time period, but had no idea how it would play nationally with consumers,” says Cindy Jewell, VP of Marketing.

To date the company has received more than 100,000 entries in the promotion and thousands have subscribed to the mailing list, beginning their journey as a new supporter of the brand.

California Giant continues to build a stronger network of influencers and shopper contacts by introducing such engaging promotions.