Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Pressure Increasing

In the latest tree fruit report, Greg Krawczyk, Penn State University Extension tree fruit entomologist, says he has observed a spike in brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) captures in traps in the past four weeks. This follows lighter infestations from the past two years.


“This 2016 harvest seems to bring back a serious BMSB challenge,” he writes. “We have already received some reports from concerned growers about unacceptable levels of stink bug injuries observed on harvested apples.”

Krawczyk says growers should scout and monitor orchards to determine if control is necessary. He suggests growers also observe cherry and peach orchards, because they can be sources of late-season invasions.

“As the stink bugs are getting ready to enter diapause, their nutritional needs are very high and adult stink bug feeding and consequent damage on fruit can become very significant,” he writes. “It is important to remember the absence of stink bugs earlier during the season does not guarantee BMSB and native stink bug species will not become abundant in the orchard around the harvest time.”

For Krawczyk’s suggestions for stink bug control, visit the Penn State Extension website.