California Association Of Winegrape Growers Calls For Hiring Of Farm Advisors

CAWG President John Aguirre recently sent a letter to two University of California agriculture leaders urging the hiring of two UC Grape and Viticulture Farm Advisors for the southern San Joaquin Valley.


Aguirre addressed the letter to Barbara Allen-Diaz, vice president, director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension and Bill Frost, associate vice president of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Writing on behalf of the growers in San Joaquin County, Aguirre described the pressing need to hire viticultural advisors for this region of the state.

A response to Aguirre’s letter, from Frost, stated: “Thanks for the interest in, and support for, our UC Cooperative Extension programs. We are currently drafting the position vacancy announcements for two Cooperative Extension Advisors: Viticulture Advisor — UCCE Fresno and Area Viticulture Advisor — UCCE Merced, Madera and Mariposa. I anticipate that these will be completed and released for recruitment very soon.”

Source: California Association of Winegrape Growers